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I Hello everybody, you are welcome visiting this site. For those who are interested in knowing something about me, I will say I live in Massa, Tuscany, Italy, and in this country I have attended the Faculty of Electronic Engineering at the University of Pisa. In my work I deal with discrete and integrated components electronic systems, often including a microcontroller; they are also part of my interests outside work. In my spare time, always not really much, I try to follow also other interests of mine, photography, as an example, not seldom using a tradition film, and often with the Vegetable kingdom as a subject. I find art nice in many shapes, though I am not an expert. I only want to point out here a charcoal drawing of Leonardo da Vinci, "Sant'Anna, la Madonna, il Bambino e S.Giovannino", unfortunately not kept in this Country. Though I don't devote a lot of time to music, I don't mind at all contemporary Italian and foreign pop authors. Concerning a quite different kind of music, I find great the arie "Recitar! ... Vesti la giubba" from "I pagliacci" (Leoncavallo), "E lucevan le stelle" from "Tosca" (Puccini) and some parts of "Cavalleria Rusticana" (Mascagni). I like very much classical music; between excerpts I'm fond of I want to number Brahms' "Hungarian Dances" n. 1,4,5,11, Smetana's "Moldava", Listz's "Hungarian Rhapsodies" n. 3,4,5, Rimskij-Korsakov's "Shéhérazade"; there are however many others I consider beautiful.

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